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All over deviantArt there are countless novel projects and authors awaiting readers. Some of these projects are better known than others, but as a novelist myself, the importance of growth on these projects and support for them is very important. After a lovely interview on my novel project put together by Dandi-Lions, I got to thinking of starting a new feature project on the first of each month, highlighting and celebrating the vast variety of novels and their authors that are on the site! My hopes are to bring awareness to some of the many wonderful full-length and in-progress longer works here on dA, as well as hopefully get them some new readers.

Now, for my sixth volume's feature, I present the ever talented:

:squee: :iconendorell-taelos:Endorell-Taelos :squee:

She is the author of the in-progress serial novel series The Chronicles of Loreithia.


Known for its unprecedented beauty, Loreithia stood without chaos and destruction, a pristine world where the people and lands existed in harmony for millennia. The kingdoms and races ruled with an alliance they believed could never be broken. That is, until the darkness came. As destruction fills their world, hope rests in a single child. With many journeys ahead, countless lives hanging in the balance, and trials that will test the hearts of many, it is up to the child and those who help her to return Loreithia to its rightful order.

:bulletpink: To get to know more about the author and her novel, I took the time to ask her some questions that were both generic to many writers, as well as others that were more specific to her story.

When did you begin writing?

I began writing in my second year of High School.

Where did the idea for your novel come from? Were there any particular inspirations?

The idea came when I thought that the main protagonist Luciana deserved her own story. In the beginning she was just a simple roleplay character created for a roleplaying universe. I wanted to try and expand the character and create a universe around her into something more unique separate from the roleplay universe, something to complete her and the world around her as a whole. I've had many inspirations over the years but I think the two most notable inspirations were the films Lord of the Rings and the 1988 fantasy film Willow.

Who is your favourite character from the novel and why?

Luciana. Although for the most part all of them are equal to my liking, Luciana has been with me since as long as I could remember, she has grown with me. It would be weird to say that she is real but she is still a very big part of me, she helped me express how I felt throughout the years. Some people might not understand that though, but through art (and even writing) we express ourselves and our thoughts, it would be hard to deny the fact that none of us would. Other than that, I see Luciana who has a hard life but has the power within her to overcome all the trials with the help with her allies.

Who do you think the hardest character to write has been?

Well I haven't had much experience yet with all the other characters as I still have yet to begin writing the novel properly. So I can't really answer that.

Luciana is often depicted as both a young girl and a young woman. Which is your preference between the two?

I have such a love for both of them, I couldn't really decide. They both have qualities that are good about them, but if I must decide probably Luciana as a young girl since the story would focus mostly on her childhood and adolescence.

If you could choose any other setting besides your own for your story, where do you think it would be?

I don't think it would stray too far from the high fantasy setting, perhaps the Victorian era still with a good old dose of magic and fantasy combined.

Is there a certain lesson that you want to teach in the novel?

Not so much a lesson that I would like to teach but, my world and my novel are built on the foundations as if it were a real world setting similar to the world we live in. I find it's only normal to take real life people, situations, actions and emotions into the fictional world because if not the reader would have a very hard time with believability. It is easier to take into the reader's mind and emotions with doing so. Thus, I want to "teach" people that not everything in the world is good and not everything in the world is bad either, that such things in this novel could happen in real life. Although I do not want this novel to preachy, but a good read in which the reader could identify with and feel emotion from.

:star: To read The Chronicles of Loreithia for yourself, please check out some excerpts below:

Luciana's LamentI feel only you,
I see only you,
I hear only you.
As the darkness creeps around me,
It threatens to suffocate.
Never enough to just take my innocence,
You turned me into something
… I never wanted to know.
For all the things you've done, for your own greed,
Never once thought about your own child
Fragile as a porcelain doll,
now broken once more.
I dream about a world,
where I am free again.
It was never my fault.
I can still taste the blood
Of the many innocent souls,
It shouldn't have ever been like this.
Will I ever be pure once more?
I cry from the pain you put me through.
I cry as I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
It never should have been this way,
And it was all because of you.
SRC - A Destiny ForetoldOn a mid-winter's day, in a village near Evergreen Falls, peasant children were playing happily, oblivious of the chaos that has been spreading across the lands of Loreithia, their realm, and soon the kingdom of SummerRaine. There weren't many children in the Evergreen Falls village, but all of them were friends. It was an unusually sunny day for this time of the year. The snow had already begun to melt laying bare large patches of grass. The children were exceptionally glad to see the sun, as the winter days have been long and harsh forcing the children indoors. Life was not easy for these youngsters who have in their short lives experienced the hardships of peasant life where food was constantly scarce especially during the winter months.
A young girl named Amelia and her friend Kris ran about, chasing each other laughing merrily. They ran up the cliff side and threw themselves down onto the smooth boulders, which looked down upon the village. It took them a few minutes to catch thei
Forever a childHe was something like what nightmares were made of.  It was strange; he once promised her a better life, now that she was no longer a princess. Ever since she was abandoned by her own father and given away to the world to perish alone.   But all he wanted, all he had a taste for was her blood.
She remembered his promise to give her something of a better life in exchange for her blood; he gave her dolls that resembled her own appearance, a bed and food.  But as time went by, night after night of having him bite into the delicate flesh of her neck and wrists, drinking what life she had within her veins, she became more and more ill and then one night, her heart stopped beating as if she gave up on life itself, she never wanted to die much less be in pain without her mother by her side. She was no longer the child she once was.
He had given her life once again though, allowing the child to live.  But in pure darkness, she wasn't like any other

Also, for more of Loreithia, feel free to check out the group: :iconloreithianchronicles:

Thank you again, Endorell-Taelos for taking the time to answer the questions for our interview!

Aside from the news article feature and interview, my featured author will also have a month-long feature on my page, highlighting their first chapters and linking to their interview here.

:hearts: by danigranger If you have an author of a novel/series here on dA that you would like to see featured, feel free to send me a note with your suggestion. I would be happy to read over their work and consider it. Be on the look out for next month's feature with an all new author and novel!

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